Wednesday, 29 June 2016

GSOC 2016- Development of the project “Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8”- Midterm Submissions

TL;DR It has been over a month since I started working on my Drupal project “Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8”, and gradually I have crossed the second stage towards the completion of the project, first being selection in the Google Summer of Code 2016 programme. Here, I would like to share my experiences and accomplishments during this one month journey, and also I would like to summarize my further plans with the project and the features which I would be implementing in the coming two months.

Let me first describe the significance of this post and what actually does “midterm submission” means?
The GSOC coding phase has been divided into two halves, viz. Midterm submission and Final submission. In the first half, the students try to accomplish around 50% of the project, and submit their work to the mentors for evaluation. Those who passed the midterm evaluations are allowed to proceed further and complete the remaining portion of their project.

Now coming back to my experiences, after successfully passing through the Community Bonding period of the GSOC 2016 programme, now it was the time for start coding our project proposal to reality.
As I had shared earlier that during the Community Bonding period, I came to know that the project has already been initiated by Eugene Ilyin,(who is now a part of my GSOC team). So, we discussed upon the project and set a roadmap of the project and the goals we need to achieve in the GSOC period.
I had started coding the very first day of the coding phase, moving the new as well as existing functions to services. My mentors Naveen Valecha, Christian López Espínola and Eugene Ilyin really helped me a lot and guided me whenever and wherever I needed their guidance and support. They helped me to get through new concepts and guided me to implement them in the most effective way to make the module the best that we could.

During this period, I also came to learn about a lot of new techniques and concepts which I had not implemented earlier.
Right from the very first day of the coding period, I have been coming across new things everyday, and it is really interesting and fun to learn all those techniques.
In this one month period, I learnt about services and containers and how to implement them. The post on Services and dependency injection in Drupal 8 and the videos of were of great help to understand the concept of services and implement dependency injection.
I also learnt about the use of validators and constraints and how can they be implemented both on general basis or specifically on fields.
I also learnt about how to create test modules and alter various classes and their functions in our tests so as to remove the dependency on web access or on valid informations for our testing purposes.
I learnt new things every day and enjoyed implementing them to code our module plan into reality.
At present, the module supports the Label Detection feature of the Vision API, along with the tests to verify whether the API key has been set by the end user or not. Currently, the feature of Safe Search Detection is available as a patch which can be found here, which would soon be committed to the module.

I have shared all the details of my work on the Drupal Planet. Please watch this video for detailed information on how to use the Google Vision API module on your Drupal site.


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